Why does the text "A" look odd?

  lillydrop 14:45 29 Jun 2007

Can someone resolve this mystery. Over the past few weeks the letter "A" & "a" in nearly all text on line regarless of emailaddress or website (even paypal!) has appeared in the form.
See for yourself in the following:-

"Spend ?L14 On CDs/DVD. Get ?L100 For Everyone You K...
win ?L200 Lakeland vouchers
?L200 in our exclusive members-only
Get a GreasyPalm cashback of ?L10.00 ?L200 prize! annelillian Get ?L100 For Everyone Yo
Apple???s iPhone finally launches in the US today. So what???s"

Can you guys see? Please explain if you can.
Thank you

  Jackcoms 15:18 29 Jun 2007

Sorry, haven't a clue what you're talking about.

  VoG II 20:19 29 Jun 2007

The A and a look perfectly normal to me.

I assume that

Spend ?L14 On CDs/DVD. Get ?L100 For Everyone You K

should read

Spend £14 On CDs/DVD. Get £100 For Everyone You K

Is that what you mean?

  VoG II 21:11 29 Jun 2007

Also see click here

  lillydrop 04:40 30 Jun 2007

Yes, As you have indicated, this is exactly how it appears. How come it looks this way?

  lillydrop 04:44 30 Jun 2007

Not sure if you see on your computer what I see on mine, so will briefly describe. There actually appears a small upside down v shape over the letters A and a.
Hope this is now a bit clearer as to what happens.

  Guardianangel 12:25 30 Jun 2007

Do you mean the letters have an accent over them like this ^ ?

  rupie 00:01 01 Jul 2007

The offer sounds rubbish to me !!!

  lillydrop 14:00 02 Jul 2007

Yes Guardianangel
that's exactly right. It looks just the way you have illustrated. Please ignore the spam by the way. The only reason why it is there is because this "v" shape appears over some of the text in this particular wording so to demonstrate I copied and pasted in order to show you how it looks, but for some reason the "v" above the letter A and a does not show up on this forum. So glad you know what it is.Now please explain if you can.
Thank you

  Guardianangel 15:02 02 Jul 2007

I have no explanation for that as it is in English and the accents usually only show in a number of foreign languages.

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