Why Does This Site Keep Freezing?

  RV510 17:44 24 Dec 2015

I find that this site is very unstable and keeps freezing, the pages keep jumping about and when typing a reply to posts the type text box disappears and it is often hit and miss to be able to complete typing a reply without having to close everything out and come back and attempt to do it all over again, it's even difficult typing as letters get missed out and words with no spaces and when clicking the 'post' button everything either takes an age to move on or greys out. I'm beginning to worry that it's going to muck up my computer and I may need to close my account for this site but again, there seems no option available. I have no problems with any other sites, never have, it's just this one.

  lotvic 18:27 24 Dec 2015

RV510, you'll get used to it... ;p

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:23 24 Dec 2015

No problems on Chrome all day

as suggested block the ads it those that cause the freezing on here.

Try Ad block pro or ghostery or both :o)

  wee eddie 20:35 24 Dec 2015

The site has its moments. I experience what you describe while I am on my phone. So it could be partially related to your download speed

  RV510 21:44 24 Dec 2015

Tried replying to a post in another thread earlier, clicked the 'post' button, circling dots, one hour later all frozen, Ctrl>Alt>Del, log off and restart again, hopeless. Download speed here is about 6Mbs. The speed that pages load, or do not as the case might be and the way they act I find are the ones that carry a lot of advertisements.

  RV510 22:59 24 Dec 2015

There was another computer magazine based forum that bit the dust earlier this year just after the magazine itself ended publication, mentioning no titles!

  Forum Editor 11:45 27 Dec 2015

"I'm beginning to worry that it's going to muck up my computer"

That is not possible.

As for closing your account, I hope it doesn't come to that, but if you decide you no longer wish to use our site, just stop using it - there's no need to close anything.

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