Why does PC keep locking up

  boobooman 08:33 17 Dec 2013

Hello all, Since last week, My PC has started to lock up randomly...

It started after i installed a new GPU (560ti) at first i thought it was the PSU, Then the PSU went pop... So just assumed i was right, Replaced PSU yesterday, And its still doing it.

But the funny thing is, Its not locking up when i am playing games, But when im typing on Facebook 99% of the time! lol

Ive tested, Ram with windows, HDD with seatools, All Pass. So now looking for a tool test GPU and any other idea's as im out of them.

Thanks :)

  boobooman 08:57 17 Dec 2013

No Avast, Everything is right in Device manager, Cpu is good...

Running tests with OCCT - 3.1.0 now.

  boobooman 09:15 17 Dec 2013

Looking at event viewer, looks like on lookup i get service control manager 7009 at the time of the freeze, i need to reboot PC as nothing works.

  boobooman 09:51 17 Dec 2013

Thanks, Think ive solved it anyway.... Think and hope! lol

I changed my USB WiFi dongle but didn't uninstall software, Seems that was giving me the error and looking at the times around the same time it locked up. Removed the sofeware/driver and everything seems ok, TOUCH WOOD!

So thanks for advise on Event Viewer :D

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