Why does outlook put new mail in the trash?

  ened 05:50 29 Jun 2011

I am new to Win 7 and tried Windows Live Mail but (amongst other things) did not like the way it kept putting new emails in a folder called Trash. So, having installed Office 2010,I am using Outlook.

Now Outlook is doing the same thing.

I am struggling to even find how to adjust settings with this.

Can any one give me some pointers?

  Crosstrainer2 06:02 29 Jun 2011

When you say trash, do you mean the junk mail folder? If so select the emails that are in the junk mail folder, right click and select "Not Junk" you only have to do this once for each sender, then all should arrive in your inbox.

  ened 06:15 29 Jun 2011

Good morning Crosstrainer2

No I don't mean the Junk Folder. On the left, under my email address are three options: Inbox, Sent and Trash. Yesterday I had several items in my Inbox and today they have been moved into the Trash. When I was using Win. Live Mail they were being moved into the Trash whilst the programme was running.

I have been using Outlook for a few days without this problem, but this morning I needed to access an email from my old machine which I had imported into WLM because I couldn't find a way to import Windows Mail files into Outlook. So I opened up WLM and it seems to have affected Outlook.

  Crosstrainer2 06:31 29 Jun 2011

ened: This is strange, are you using a POP account or imap? If it's an imap account you would need to create folders on your isp's mail page. something like "Saved emails"

It's also possible that the settings for your account are putting email in the trash folder after a certain amount of time.

Try accounts > settings then look for the item regarding "Move to trash" and set it to "Never"

Best I can think of at the moment...Need more coffee :))

  ened 06:50 29 Jun 2011


I am having a few teething problems with understanding Office 2010: for instance last night I was typing in Word and realised that the Undo button was missing.

I'm sure I will find all these things eventually but at the moment I can't even see the accounts > settings in Outlook.

I have a long list of tasks I need to Google to bring myself up to speed - maybe I should have stayed with Vista!!

  ened 06:51 29 Jun 2011

By the way I haven't had a coffee yet this morning - maybe that is the problem.

Off to make one now.

  Crosstrainer2 07:19 29 Jun 2011

Vista? Oh No!!! you have made the right move :)) Office does take some getting used to, and to be honest there are far too many bells and whistles for my liking. I only have it on my laptop out of need for compatiblity with others I communicate with.

This main PC has Open Office which is great, but it is about to be replaced by a (shhh, don't tell anyone) an imac :))

  ened 07:28 29 Jun 2011

Hi Crosstrainer2

Give me a clue?

I don't seem to be able to find accounts > settings and I also do not really understand the pop/imap difference. I am with AOL and am fairly sure that when I set up my old Vista machine manually I entered the POP3 etc..

When I set this one up I simply entered my email address and password and both Outlook and WLM set it up for me.

Regarding your comment about 'bells & whistles'; I have to agree and would have been perfectly content (for my needs anyway) with my old Office XP.

  Woolwell 10:04 29 Jun 2011

Unless there hasn't been a significant change between Outlook 2007 and 2010 then Outlook does not have a trash folder by default. However AOL may have a trash folder and Outlook has automatically replicated it. It is possible that a message rule is moving things to trash or that the AOL filter is being over enthusiastic.

  ened 15:12 29 Jun 2011

Thanks for that suggestion Woolwell.

I obviously need some help in setting it up because I have just noticed that when it is sending/ receiving it is performing SEVEN tasks, but I only have one account connected so there should only be TWO.

Is there a way I can find out what the additional tasks are?

I'll try to see if I can find some tutorials via Google.

  Woolwell 15:49 29 Jun 2011

It may well do more than two tasks when sending and receiving but 7 is too many. Send and receive settings will tell you what it should do. If you click on send and receive and show details it will also show this but it is often over too quick to register.

Outlook help is quite good.

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