Why does OE delete incoming attachments as unsafe

  Trikie 00:35 16 Jun 2003

After 18 months with no problem (at least not this particular one!) OE has removed the attachments from my recent emails, saying they are unsafe.

They are only minutes of a meeting, and previous ones have come through OK. I have not changed any settings (no idea how to)

  powerless 00:38 16 Jun 2003

In OE > Tools > Options > Security > Remove the tick from "don not allow attachments..."

Click ok and you'll have your minutes.

  Trikie 17:40 16 Jun 2003

I'm wondering why OE should suddenly start blocking these attachments after letting them through for 18 months. Is there any significance in this?

  powerless 18:37 16 Jun 2003

Have you updated Windows recently?

  MIke 19:03 16 Jun 2003

Funny you should say this but I've noticed the same thing too. I've had to go into security settings as posted by powerless. I can only think it must be one of MS security patches that has altered the setting in OE.

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