Why does my sister not get my emails

  pal2012 11:01 16 Jul 2007

My sister appears to be the only person who does not get emails I send. She is with BT and uses Yahoo, I believe. I used to send her a few jokey things we all pass on but even 'serious' emails aren't getting through now.

She used to get my emails but for some reason this stopped happening so I used another email address to my regular one and at first she got my mails, now this seems to have stopped too.

My sister who is even less PC-savvy than me reckons she has checked whatver spamfilter there is and says my emails weren ot there.

Can someone give me any step-by-step instructions that I could pass on. I'm assuming prob lies with her as everyone else gets my mails.



  Pamy 11:28 16 Jul 2007

Can your sister send e-mails.

  pal2012 11:40 16 Jul 2007

Yes my sister can send emails and thinks it's only my emails that she's not getting.

  Pamy 12:11 16 Jul 2007

Ask your sister to send you an e-mail then reply to her via "reply" and see if she recieves it. This should ensure that the correct address is used to start with.

  crosstrainer 13:05 16 Jul 2007

Some mail-servers can add domains to a "blacklist" which means mail will not be delivered. If your sister's settings are correct, you may have to check that your isp has not blacklisted hers.

  Strawballs 13:07 16 Jul 2007

Does she have a spam filter that for some reason your address is ending up in the block list? just a thought.

  wee eddie 15:10 16 Jul 2007

She may have told her Spam Filter that yours is a Junk Address.

Tell her to Click on one of you Mails in the Junk Folder and Click whatever her programs uses to "un-Junk"/"Not Spam" mail.

I would also think about the Title and Content of your mail. She may have told her filter to treat such mails as Junk/Spam.

  mymate 15:22 16 Jul 2007

I have 2 friends who have Yahoo accounts and both of them are not getting my emails,first i get a email saying its delayed then later a email that says it wasn't delivered !

  wee eddie 16:00 16 Jul 2007

If their "On-line In-box" is full. That is what will happen.

They may have been receiving their mail but not deleting it from their "On-line In-box".

Each day Yahoo will clear a number of mails from their In-box. I think that it holds the mail for 6 months or so. If they are getting more mail than they were 6 months ago the box will fill and start Bouncing Mail.

  pal2012 16:31 16 Jul 2007

Thanks to all those who have posted replies.

1. The correct email address is being used. I get emails from her and her address has been in my Address book for ages. She used to get my mails now no longer does. That's the only thing that's changed.

2. I don't know Yahoo but sis reckons she's checked Spam filter (found loads of other stuff lurking there apparently but not my mails)

3. HOW do I check if my mail is being delivered by my ISP? If my ISP is doing the blocking then why, when I used different email address that I have (eg one is a University email address I have) did she get emails again ok then that stopped too??

4. The 'serious' emails titles are absolutely nothing that offend and therefore not likely be treated as Spam.

5. Will suggest she clears out any 'old' stuff.


  wee eddie 16:39 16 Jul 2007

She may have more than 1 spambox enabled

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