Why does my Screen dim, briefly?

  wee eddie 13:25 13 Dec 2010

When I Click on another Thread or change Forums, on this Site/

It does not do so on other Sites, or maybe it does but, the dimming is so small as to be unnoticeable.

  Taff™ 13:31 13 Dec 2010

I would suggest that it might be to do with the number of ads that need to load! Seriously though, have you checked your line speed recently. The two are probably connected.

  jakimo 18:46 13 Dec 2010

it will do this if you have Win7 installed,when it dims it is dealing with programmes that may berunning in the background

  wee eddie 14:03 20 Dec 2010

Just a moment ago my screen dimmed to 'Almost' black, but one could just see the text on the left of the screen, for 20 seconds or more.

NO other Web Sites seem to be affected.

  Jameslayer 14:20 20 Dec 2010

I have the background go black before it finishes loading everything else onto the webpage. When I run no script I don't have that problem.

  gazzaho 12:17 21 Dec 2010

When using IE8 I've noticed a difference in the way the page is loaded when using Compatibility View, the torn page icon beside the refresh and stop buttons on the address bar. With it enabled the page loads fine, when disabled the screen refresh blacks out a lot more of the page before loading, could this be what you're experiencing?

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