Why does my printer turn my computer off?

  BlackSapphire 08:20 12 Jul 2004

Another quick question if I may?

I have an HP PSC 2410 photosmart all in one printer/fax etc and just lately when it's on and I turn it off while still using the computer and internet, it switches the whole lot off! I've always said machines are too damn clever by half but it is really annoying - have I got the printer set up wrong or is there a conflict somewhere along the line.

Over to you (because you know a lot more than I do - thanks)

  Dumble452 08:39 12 Jul 2004

I had a similar problem when I downloaded an incorrect driver for my DVD drive, which I resolved by doing a system restore to a date when I knew things worked properly. Just a thought.

  BlackSapphire 08:41 12 Jul 2004

Hi Dumble, yes I am using XP for Home.

  Dumble452 14:47 12 Jul 2004

If it worked OK previously, I can only suggest that you try System Restore. Sorry, that is the limit of my knowledge, perhaps others will have some better ideas.

  BlackSapphire 15:54 12 Jul 2004

Hi Dumble,

If I could avoid doing that I'd love to because I'd lose the other things I've got in place since the last restore when it worked okay :(

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