Why does my pci wifi card cause my pc to crash?

  DhuddyD 19:23 04 Jun 2017

Hello, today i built my first pc and need some help... After i had installed windows on my pc, i went to use my wifi and as i was entering my password for the wifi, the pc froze. So, i reset it and did it again- It froze again. After this, I took the wifi card out of the PCI(or the PCIe(not sure which is which without looking at them)) slot and tried my PC and it worked perfectly. However, when I put in my ethernet as a replacement it wasn't recognized by my PC and didn't allow me to access the internet. Can anyone help me with this or suggest something to help me fix the problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 04 Jun 2017

HAve you installed ethernet drivers? they are usually on the motherboard CD.

  DhuddyD 22:12 04 Jun 2017

Oh wow, thank you, ill try it tomorrow but i didnt even know that was a thing!!!

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