Why does my mouse and keyboard etc "slow down"?

  Avoriaz 17:42 07 Sep 2013

Hi, I have a Windows7 Acer laptop. I have used it for over three years with the supplied 500gb hard drive and a wireless Logitech mouse. It has been very satisfactory.

I recently bought a 125gb SSD (SAN brand), installed Windows7 and everything else from scratch.

It worked like a dream. It loads Windows7 and apps far faster than before.

However I am now finding that, after the laptop has been switched on for a while, the mouse is getting slower and slower to react. At first the laptop will respond instantly to any mouse press but, after some minutes, it gets slower and slower, sometimes taking several seconds to react.

It is also happening with the keyboard. Sometimes it will act normally and enter each character as I type it but it then starts stalling or freezing and then suddenly displaying the string of characters I have carried on typing.

Each character should smoothly appear as I press the key not sometimes jerkily in a string a second or two after I have pressed the keys.

I also notice it when playing backgammon. Instead of smooth movement of the pieces, they start moving jerkily.

The up, down, left and right arrow keys are also affected.

Right clicking in Firefox 23.0.1 to open up new tabs etc is also sometime slow and jerky.

The scroll wheel is also affected.

The problem goes away for a while every time I restart the laptop but it always comes back again after ten or fifteen minutes. I see no sign of any overheating.

At first I suspected the mouse but a different wireless mouse made no difference.

I then reinstalled the drivers. Again no difference.

I then put the old 500gb disk back in. The laptop returned to normal perfect operation with both the Logitech mouse and my other wireless mouse. I used it many times over several days and the problem never once occurred.

After a few days I put the SSD back in and the problem has returned.

What should be my next step in identifying and correcting this problem?

I don't think I have a virus. I have Avast anti virus, Windows Firewall on the SSD. I haven't yet installed the anti malware I have on the 500gb disk. Might a keylogger or something like that be slowing things up?

Could the SAN SSD be causing this problem? I don't see how. It loads Windows and apps very quickly and I haven't had any data issues.


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