Why does my monitor display change all the time?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 11:31 13 Feb 2003

I have a new 19" ilyama monitor and love it. But, sometimes after i play games and go back to the desktop or just boot/reboot my computer the display has changed...it is really quite annoying. Sometimes the display is slightly too big for the actual monitor size, so parts of icons are missing....other times it is too small and not in the right shape so i have to readjust.

Is there any way that i can stop it from doing this?

  PA28 11:44 13 Feb 2003

Make sure your desktop settings are what you want it to be, set refresh rate to optimal, reinstall drivers if necessary and remove any other monitors that may be installed to avoid confusion (these may only be apparent in Device Manager running in Safe Mode). I take it that your graphics card drivers are the latest - if not then update these as well. If no joy, we'll have to have another think......

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 22:35 16 Feb 2003


  Djohn 22:48 16 Feb 2003

As PA28 says, set up your preferred resolution and refresh at optimal for all windows programs. The important bit is to have the graphics card set to optimal.

Now go into game mode and adjust your screen size to suit the game, (use your monitor controls for this), when you go back into windows it will automatically change back to the first setting.

To have your system work in this manner, you need to have the correct info. driver/file for your monitor and also as above, remember to set the graphics card to optimal.

  pc moron 23:07 16 Feb 2003

Is your monitor the aperture grille type?

When you initially boot the computer it can take 15 mins or more for the picture on this type of monitor to reach its full size- if you just reboot after it's been on for a while it should be okay though.

Is your OS WinXP?

Run the game and adjust the monitor until your happy and save the setting in the monitor's memory.
Return to the desktop and again adjust and save the setting in the monitor's memory.

It should be okay now- I had this problem and by doing what I've described it fixed it.

  woodchip 23:16 16 Feb 2003

The game is changing the settings

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