why does my laptop 'system board' keep failing

  mec13 09:44 24 Jul 2006

I recently had my laptop (Toshiba tecra M1)repaired for the 2nd time this year with a new 'system board' being fitted again by a Toshiba agent. Thankfully this was done by a warranty repair (I didn't realise I had any warranty left, until I phoned Toshiba).

The bad news is that this warranty runs out next Month (August) I fear then future repairs are going to be costly (As informed by recent posting about my laptop problem)

So what causes a 'system board' to fail twice so easily, the machine is not used professionally, just home use. I do tend to leave the charger plugged in most of the time (but not always switched on) as the battery does seem to loose it's charged easily. Or is there other bad practises that can cause 'system board' failure.

OS is XP pro.

  Gongoozler 11:23 24 Jul 2006

There's nothing you can do to damage a system (mother) board other than blocking the ventilation slots or (possibly) plugging in a faulty peripheral. System boards can be damaged by faulty power supplies, memory or other internal components. Check with the Toshiba agent who repaired the computer, repairs often (and always should) carry their own warranty.

  mec13 13:04 24 Jul 2006

you mention power supply Gongoozler, mine has concerned me a bit on how it seem to get quite hot whilst charging the battery. I have been informed that some heat is normal, it's just knowing what is 'normal'

  Gongoozler 14:55 24 Jul 2006

Hi mec13. I think that the charger power supply does normally run hot, but that isn't the one that could damage the motherboard. I was thinking of the internal power supply, possibly part of the motherboard, that converts the battery voltage to the various voltages used by the motherboard electronics.
Another thing that can cause damage is overclocking, but I don't suppose you've been doing that ;-)

  mec13 18:13 24 Jul 2006

your right Gongoozler, overclocking is definately not on, as for the internal power supply, I'm hoping the 'repairer's' would have checked that as a matter of course when fitting the new 'system board'. I'm glad you also pointed out about warranty repairs, this was confirmed by the agents, thanks.

I know my laptop is getting on a bit, but it didn't come cheap, Thanks for the responce Gongoozler

  Totally-braindead 19:39 24 Jul 2006

Just a suggestion but you mention using it at home. Do you use it on a flat hard surface? Reason I ask is I was wondering if the damage is caused by overheating and if you use the laptop on say a carpet or a bed or on your lap you could block the vents causing it to overheat and eventually fail.
A couple of friends of mine both have Toshiba laptops, one has had hers for perhaps four or five years, used for business, and has never had so much as a glitch with it. The other has had his for perhaps two and a bit years and he too hasn't had a problem.

  woodchip 19:46 24 Jul 2006

It will do if you have the battery in all the time when you are using Mains Electric "I do tend to leave the charger plugged in most of the time"

This recks a Laptop battery, It should be removed at Half charge, put in a plastic bag and stored in the fridge on one of the shelves.

So that's one big mistake to start with.

  mec13 20:34 24 Jul 2006

I can just see it now, one battery taking up space of a bottle of ice cold beer, in our fridge. That come's to hard decisions as to what is the bigger mistake, on these long hot days. I must change my charging habits though woodchip,thanks anyway.

The machine is mostly used on the kitchen table, but now you mention it Totally-braindead, it's covered with a table cloth. I must treat my machine with a bit more respect, thanks.

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