Why does my laptop keep beeping?

  Trenny 12:21 26 Oct 2013

My laptop (Vista) has started beeping every now and then. Can anyone explain what is wrong please. It is as if a new email is coming in, but it isn't!

Many thanks.

  wee eddie 12:26 26 Oct 2013

Could it be an overheating warning.

Look at laptop cleaning videos on YouTube, while not easy, it's not that difficult either.

  woodchip 14:10 26 Oct 2013

Could it be a Battery warning if you are running on battery

  terrym 16:08 26 Oct 2013

In the past I have come across a friends PC beeping and I think the solution was to replace the internal battery on the motherboard which runs the motherboard time clock. I assume laptops are similar.

  woodchip 16:58 26 Oct 2013

you only need to put a new one in if it does not keep time

  Jollyjohn 17:21 26 Oct 2013

My laptop beeps when power is connected or disconnected. I.E. if running on battery and the charger is connected it beeps or if running on charger and this is disconnected it beeps.

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