why does my laptop have slow download but fast up

  Matej Sedlácek 16:04 24 Feb 2018

hello, i have a problem with my notebook.. i have very slow download speeds but much faster upload speeds.. my other notebook and phone have normal download speeds and same upload. tried ethernet, same result. what can i do? Thanks in advance, Matt

  Forum Editor 17:59 24 Feb 2018

Tell us a bit more about your connection - is it wireless or ethernet?

You say that your other machine has normal downstream speeds - is it using the same connection, and is it located in the same place?

Which version of Windows are you using?

  Matej Sedlácek 18:30 24 Feb 2018

hello, thanks for your reply. i use wireless, but as i stated before, i tried ethernet without change. the other devices are on wifi too, and the other notebook is even further away from the router (i am sitting 2 meters from it). using win 10

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