Why does my hard disk say 50.2 gb?

  bta1 20:00 05 Nov 2003

This is something i've found annoying for a while and it is probably something really simple.

I have 60GB hard disk, according to my sales person, but on properties is says 50.2GB.

Why is that then?

  friedegg 20:08 05 Nov 2003

Hi Bta1

Your drive is most likely 60 gigs Unformatted. When you (or they) formatt the drive some of it is taken up with info the computer need to read the drive hence you are left with 50.2 gigs.
Lots of arguments about this in other posts.


  powerless 20:14 05 Nov 2003

If the drive is quoted @ being 60GB then when it is all formatted it should have a size close to 56GB (rough guess).

Losing 10GB, something does not seem right there.

Have you tried scandisk or check disk?

  bta1 20:27 05 Nov 2003


i am glad you said that because it didn't seem right to me. I have used check disk several times for other reason and its had the normal effect on the hard drive......

A friend said it might be because i have 'onboard graphics.'

But even this doesn't seem too clever.

  leo49 20:29 05 Nov 2003

Have you a "hidden recovery" partition?

  bta1 20:30 05 Nov 2003


sorry, i don't know what that is?

  mark e 20:32 05 Nov 2003

Just checked, my 40gb and reports as 37.2gb

my 20gb reports as 18.6gb

  powerless 20:32 05 Nov 2003

"A friend said it might be because i have 'onboard graphics.'" - That is to do with memory, not HDD space.

Which operating system are you using?

  bta1 20:34 05 Nov 2003


i am using xp...

  The Lights Are On 20:50 05 Nov 2003

Right click 'My Computer' & select 'Manage', then on 'Disk Management', what do you see in the right hand pane, any unallocated areas?

  bta1 20:56 05 Nov 2003

Nothing that leaps out??

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