Why does my computer turn itself on?

  AMcK 23:14 16 Jul 2008

Hello guys.

I desperately need some help her please.

Overnight I turn my pc off at the wall and the other day I came down and plugged it into the mains. To my surprise my pc automatically started to boot up. However it does not boot up to my desktop screen, it sort of freezes.

Can anyone help me please...desperate to retrieve my photos of my wedding and pics of my little boy.

Much appreciated


  brundle 23:31 16 Jul 2008

Loose connections inside shifted after the PC was moved?

Hit F8 repeatedly after switching on, before the XP (?) logo appears - select Last Known Good Config or Safe Mode.

  Jim_F 23:39 16 Jul 2008

This sounds like the bios is corrupted - if you can get into the bios and set 'failsafe defaults' or something similar this may get you up and running. While in the bios also check that the hard disk is being recognised.

If it still doesn't play ball and restarts on power on then I'd try a CMOS reset which involves powering down and shorting a link - the manual should tell you in detail how to do this.

  crosstrainer 23:58 16 Jul 2008

If your machine started to boot when connected to the mains, It sounds as though the power switch may be stuck in the on position.

If your machine has a rocker switch at the rear, turn this off. Reconnect to the mains, turn the rocker switch on again. If the computer tries to boot without pressing the power button on the front, then this may be jammed.

Try the suggestions above first and post back with result.

  Sea Urchin 00:05 17 Jul 2008

You say you switch the PC off at the wall socket - presumably you Turn Off from the Start button before doing that?

  AMcK 10:39 18 Jul 2008

Thanks for all the replys, I will work on them today and fingers crossed.

Yeah 'Sea Urchin' always close it down properly before turning it off at the mains

Will post results...

  ronalddonald 14:19 18 Jul 2008

been sorted out please get yourself a pen drive an external drive to save all personal files on them.

Just to be on the safe side

  kalignorgna 15:41 18 Jul 2008

crosstrainer makes a good point the power button may indeed be stuck and if it is then your pc will get confussed and crash because of it being stuck in the on posision. if this is the case u will need to take the front of the case of to pop the power button back to normal.

also at what point does it crash and if u need to Flash the COMS just send me a message and i'll post a how2

  AMcK 16:27 11 Dec 2008

Hello guys,thanks for all of the responses. I have took the front off and it does not seem that the power button is stuck.
When the machine gets turned on at the plug it automatically kicks up and then stops for a few secs (no sound made) and then boots up, nothing at all comes on the screen. I have hooked another pc upto the screen and that works fine.
I urgently need something off my hard drive for work, I have took the hard drive out, will I be able to swap it over to another pc and be able to access the HD from another pc or is there alot of hassle setting the hard drive up?

Appreciate responses asap please, need to access HD to get info printed by tomorrow

Thanks again and look forward to your responses


  Stuartli 16:44 11 Dec 2008

You probably need to check that nothing is configured in the Bios to "wake up" the system - it can be configured to do so for a variety of reasons.

  Rahere 17:07 11 Dec 2008

you should be able to remove the drive an access it from another computer - plug in the faulty drive as a slave and read off it using the system on the other PC

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