Why does my computer freeze so often?

  TCTOPCAT 16:21 06 Apr 2004

I have windows ME, 500mb DDR ram, 1800+ athlon processer, GEFORCE FX5600 256mb DDR ram graphics card (recently installed). My computer freezes and stops responding quite frequently. The problem usally occurs when I try to load up games. Is there any reason or solution to this problem.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:28 06 Apr 2004

It may help to increase the paging file, as well as ensure that you only have the minimum of programs running at any one time.

Use MSConfig or click here
to determine what runs.

  Lead 16:49 06 Apr 2004

As you say it happens when you start games and your graphics card is new, then it is possibly down to that. Try reinstalling the drivers/card.

Can you refit your old card and see if it still happens?

  sattman 17:07 06 Apr 2004

Need to ask yourself did the problem start after I either installed some software or after I made some changes to the computor.

It could be many many reasons and only luck or a process of elimination will solve it.

Maybe you could try to restrict which programmes start up and one by one eliminit the problem, if it is software related.

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