why does laptop make clicking noises?

  moby58 10:26 02 Mar 2006

when im not on the laptop...it clicks away in the background..sometimes more sometimes less.what causes this and can i silence it??-its slightly distracting as a background noise!

  Pamy 10:32 02 Mar 2006

some progs are running all the time and maybe carrying out some checking.

  moby58 11:13 02 Mar 2006

so theres no way to silence it??

  Gongoozler 11:24 02 Mar 2006

As long as the clickings don't sound like these click here, then there's nothing to worry about. The only way to reduce the noise from the computer is to stand it on a sound absorbing material such as felt, although more memory will lessen the frequency of hard drive access which might help.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:29 02 Mar 2006

Has it got a fan inside, must be something that has moving parts otherwise may be the HD, does it sit on a surface that might amplify any internal noise. The case may be expanding a bit when it warms up,or does it stop when turned off.

  welshwizard712 11:38 02 Mar 2006

Erm... Its quite usual to be honest.. laptops have restrictive airflow so Fans and Harddrive operational noise is common.

As explained above, the surfaces you use your laptop on vary the ambient noises.



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