Why does itunes rename all my music collecton

  erkmatrix 18:02 01 Jun 2010

This is so very annoying, I've spent absolutely ages sorting out my music collection on my windows 7 PC to show right in WMP 12 with all the artwork, I used MP3tag and finally last night got it all looking right. Now today I thought time for itunes so put in preferences for it to use my music folder on my internal drive (not OS drive though) and thought it would just use it as it was cause everything was ok. But no its gone through all my various artists albums and created directories itself of all these one track artists, its an absolute mess again. Why does it do this and is there anything I can do to stop it doing this. Luckily I saved and backuped all my good work with MP3tag before I did anything with itunes cause I know its prone to do odd things.

Can anyone help or recommend another way of getting my music to remain the same way I had it originally.

  gengiscant 08:55 02 Jun 2010

Is this any help?click here

  erkmatrix 09:23 02 Jun 2010

Sadly not gengiscant, but thanks for trying. I already made sure I turned off the organize library radio button. It was really my music directory on my computer it started to rename into loads of new directories for single track artists on various artists albums. I made sure that all my tags where artist was labelled by that artists but album artists was labelled Various Artists. It worked great in WMP12 where they are all stacked in various artists. Itunes is very annoying, like it almost wants you to get so pissed off you have to buy a mac to run it properly. I'll look into doing it with winamp I think although I'm not overly keen on its outdated look.

  john bunyan 09:44 02 Jun 2010

iTunes has its quirks on filing. If you add a file of folder to the iTunes library it will copy it from its original location to iTunes/iTunes music folder. Your original filing should remain intact. If you want to group music in iTunes, create named "Playlists" in the iTunes library to correspond to your grouping preferences and drag and drop the tunes you want into those. It will not make even more copies - merely tell the iPod to play the tunes listed.

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