why does it look so bare what am i missing

  The GnoMe 10:01 12 Nov 2003

hi all, i know you all get 100's of people asking for there opinon on websites they have made but mine is one for my fathers new firm and so it is quite important i get it right,

click here

it is held here temporary, please be as ruthless as you all want as i really need to get it right,

ps the form doesnt work yet but im working on it.

  [email protected]@m 10:05 12 Nov 2003

You need a background. Instead of just white, some sort of legal documents tied with string, in a pale cream.

  Ben Avery 10:24 12 Nov 2003

Could do with a bit more layout consistecy. When you browse the pages, the vertical seperating line and the 'justice scales' picture changes location on each page. On the "Location" page the vertical line is not hairline, looks abou size 2 to me, again adding to inconsistancy.

Would be best to take the design of the layout (navigation bar, left bar with the picture and line etc) and save without anything in your main window, then save it as maybe layout.html.

You can the use this for each page, simply adding the information into the main window and changing the title of the page if required. Then save each page as a new page (index.html; contact.html; location.html etc. etc.).

This would mean you have total consistancy and will improve the overall appearance.

Good site though. Well done!


  Sir Radfordin 11:37 12 Nov 2003

It is often a good idea to look at the sites that others in the same sector have - they are after all your competition.

click here for an example of one site that I've come across.

Your site seems to run really slowly (am on broadband) so don't know if there is a reason for that - the rollover images seem to take ages to change.

Changing the font may help to give it 'the look'.

  Pesala 11:40 12 Nov 2003

I second the points made by Ben about consistent layout. Scale does not link to Home page on contacts page. Home link not really needed on home page itself.

Background image could look better, but might slow the site down unless it is a small tiled image. Plain white is OK. Choose a pale parchment graphic very carefully.

The background on this site click here for example shows the disadvantage of using backgrounds. It is meant to look like a palm-leaf manuscript, but just slows down page loading and makes the text hard to read. I think mine works much better click here and it is also non-scrolling.

A couple of typos (aren't there always?) Lets should be let's or let us on About. Also curly quotes looks better.

Wills, Trust and Probate should probably be Wills, Trust, and Probate (unless Trust and Probate belong together). Job seekers allowance should be Job seeker's allowance

If you use a dash, leave a space either side: LOCATION - please click on the map for details (Please use the map is bit naff) or try a bullet

LOCATION • Please click on the map for details

Times is not the clearest of typefaces for the web, especially the italics on the contact us page, though it is fine for the headings.

You could use a hotspot on the map instead of the text link. The scale graphic could also be linked to the home page.

Does your father have any qualifications? I am sure he does, but this is not immediately obvious.

  DieSse 12:07 12 Nov 2003

Personally I think it looks restrained and professional - as befits a law firm. Perhaps a tad too grey and white.

I think you do have a major problem with the graphic you use as the heading - it's a gif, I see, and is badly distorted around the edges of the objects.

If you email me (can't do attachments direct from the PCA email link) I can send you a version of the same that I knocked up in a few minutes (with MS PhotoDraw) and saved as a jpg without compression. You can compare the two and see the cleanness of the jpg.

Hope this helps

  DieSse 12:10 12 Nov 2003

IMHO consistency of typeface is a good thing - but you might like to get opinions from you father about how it looks with a sans serif font, such as Verdana. This is smart and modern, yet still professional looking.

  Tog 12:35 12 Nov 2003

When I hover the mouse over the menu I get some odd results "Faculty", "Programmes", "Schedule" & "Calendar".

Otherwise, quite clear and uncluttered.

  tomleady 14:40 12 Nov 2003

I like the fact that is clear, and isnt crammed with loads of data.

i would change the font though, its would look a lot smarter with another: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, the usual, your pick.

as previously mentioned, the layout needs consitency cus it is annoyign when things are obviously in different positions.

i would have a background, something legal based - a meeting perhaps. lower the opacity to about 20 or something (i'm talking Photoshop, so ignore me if you dont use it!). and have it a white background. it'll look much more professional.

good job though, well done!

  The GnoMe 15:07 12 Nov 2003

i have made a few improvements how does it look now is it any better than before?

  Patr100 15:53 12 Nov 2003

The white background is fine. You just need consistent text size throughout (too small in "about us" section, and possibly a low resolution image on the home page or centre the existing text.

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