why does it look so bare what am i missing

  The GnoMe 09:57 12 Nov 2003

hi all, i know you all get 100's of people asking for there opinon on websites they have made but mine is one for my fathers new firm and so it is quite important i get it right,

click here

it is held here temporary, please be as ruthless as you all want as i really need to get it right,

ps the form doesnt work yet but im working on it.

  The GnoMe 10:00 12 Nov 2003

sorry wrong section

  canard 14:09 12 Nov 2003

Looks OK to me and it loads instanter so does not annoy. Do you really need a lot of irritating frills- Java mouseovers, pic of office cat etc?

  john-232317 15:27 12 Nov 2003

Maybe a sutle background color / pattern ?

  john-232317 15:28 12 Nov 2003

Sorry i`ve gone all yank, colour.....

  SEASHANTY 15:39 12 Nov 2003

Agree - its okay. Clicking on the map, however, brings up the AA's website. Did you intend that. I would leave clicking on the map out (or did the AA insist on that for using a section of their streetmap?

Good web design is one that is simple to navigate and easy on the eye. So many designers try and demonstrate all their web skills, resulting in a mess that looses sight of the fact that the purpose of the site is to either sell or inform.
GnoMe, as it stands your site is o.k; it is easy to navigate, and presumably explains everything that is important for a first contact.
I would agree about leaving out the click facility on the map; perhaps just leaving a link to multimap or streetmap.

  beeuuem 16:12 12 Nov 2003

All singing - all dancing sites may be good for selling a product but you are offering a service and your site gives all the information that is needed.
I like the link to the AA routeplanner, nothing is worse than not knowing where an advertiser is located. Though with a journey time of four and a half hours and 293 miles I may not be making a personal visit to your offices!

  dth 16:37 12 Nov 2003

Very small point - but viewing with Mozilla rather than IE the sub heading 'welfare benefits' is not in line with the other sub headings on the Services page.

  josie mayhem 16:55 12 Nov 2003

Bare is not how I would discribe it.

I would discribe it has a execellent piece of work.

It is clear and concise, easy to use.

Two things that puts me of some sites,

1, having a home page that has to go through it little routine before you can start. I just hate all the singing and dancing bits.

2, And one that seem to give you the run around before you can find what you want.

Has they say 'Less is more'

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