Why does this happen, copy and paste oddity.(only on PCA)?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:01 06 Feb 2013

Windows fails to connect to System Event Notification Service

Read more: http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/1/tech-helproom/4207775/windows-fails-to-connect-to-system-event-notification-service/#ixzz2K6yAkq3e

I copied the first bit of the above (Windows fails ETC ETC) to paste in to Google yet the Read more: garbage is added to it. Simple question Why. This is not the first time I have noticed this but put it down as one of the many quirks with this site and a temporary problem. Seems not. Does PCA think this is useful?

  SillBill 10:35 06 Feb 2013

I have to delete that link every time I try to copy and paste here.

  lotvic 22:29 06 Feb 2013

An explanation of what/how ClickHere

  SillBill 22:38 06 Feb 2013

Where do I find the Host File in W7?

  lotvic 22:47 06 Feb 2013

I found a better 'explanation' clickhere

SillBill, I'm still trying to sort it out....

  SillBill 22:58 06 Feb 2013

lotvic - thanks will go through the second link tomorrow, with a clear head, hopefully!

  lotvic 23:07 06 Feb 2013

Chronus In Firefox with Google as default search engine: I find the quickest way to search google with text from pca is to highlight the text then rightclick and choose 'Search Google for ".... ......" and that doesn't get the Read more link in it.

  SillBill 23:18 06 Feb 2013

It makes copying text from a previous post into a new post/reply a bit of a chore, akin to all the red underlined landmines distributed so strategically that you can't just "mouse" from A to B without setting one off!

  lotvic 00:16 07 Feb 2013

I don't get those (anymore) hover mouse cursor over one to see the address, it will give you a clue for which .com to block. (this Thread may disappear as did another one on how to block ads)

  SillBill 00:22 07 Feb 2013

I think I have an ad Blocker in place because these landmines only open a white rectangle with [Ad] in one corner! Still annoying!

  Chronos the 2nd 08:45 07 Feb 2013


Useful suggestion which also works in IE. Your other link leaves me no the wiser as to PCA reasoning behind this garbage. This should not be a surprise give the spurious reasons given for not allowing forum members to PM or edit a post.

So now it is necessary to play with the Hosts file just to use the PCA forum without yet another niggle.


Hosts file location Windows 7 and the Alternate hosts file

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