why does google open itself on my tablet

  MJS WARLORD 17:42 23 Nov 2016

I have a new samsung galaxy tab 10a , sometimes when i close an app google has opened itself under what i have been using.

  Graham* 09:33 24 Nov 2016

Could be the Home page is set to google.

  MJS WARLORD 17:38 24 Nov 2016

Think you misunderstood my question,what i want to know is why it is opening on its own

  Burn-it 21:51 24 Nov 2016

That is the function of a home page. What do you expect to see??

  MJS WARLORD 10:53 05 Dec 2016

Thanks for reply Archonar ..... that's exactly what is happening , I was just puzzled as to why it was happening. You cant always close an app with the curved arrow symbol.

  Archonar 12:58 05 Dec 2016

It is a feature of android for a 'quick search function'. If you just tap the button then it shouldn't happen, but if you hold it / drag up (I think, that would open the search on my old phone) then it will open the google search bar.

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