Why does free cloud storage exist?

  wiganken2 17:50 26 Apr 2018

Why do cloud storage websites offer free storage? Microsoft OneDrive gives 5GB free. Dropbox gives 10GB free. Google Drive gives 15GB free and Mega gives 50GB free storage.

  1. Advantages for users are “anywhere access” and file sharing in a supposedly secure manner but if one does not need these features and has plenty of storage on their device/PC plus an external HDD for backup copies then surely it is best not to involve a third party in file storage. As long as one has good security on their PC and backs up their PC including folders and files why introduce another element where something could go wrong when you do not need “anywhere access” or share files?
  2. Files saved to cloud storage are encrypted before leaving your device/PC and stay encrypted on the journey over the internet and also when residing on the provider’s servers. By doing this cloud storage providers are taking on the responsibility of keeping your data secure as well as it being accessible to you at all times.
  3. Also by these providers storing so much data they become targets for hackers whereas a single PC is hardly worth hacking. Surely a hacker is intelligent enough to work out the effort required to hack into several stand-alone PCs is better spent trying to hack into large data stores where the rewards are enormous?
  4. I can understand users who need “anywhere access” and file sharing using cloud storage but, if this is free, what do the providers get out of it? Surely files are totally private and are not snooped on by the storage provider and your data sold? Storage providers would not survive if they did this. Are the sites paid for by advertising?

Am I missing something?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 26 Apr 2018

Its a "Loss leader"

5Gb is nothing they are hoping you will pay to store more.

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