Why does everyone hate AOL?

  NickyK 20:16 13 Oct 2004

Why does everyone hate AOL, Microsoft Explorer, and just about any other server besides Tiscali - which I personally hate because I thought it was rubbish when I tried it?

Okay, I know BT are alleged to block surfers fromc ertain sites that they regard as inappropriate, and I have had similar problems with AOL when researching material relevant to my age and sex (cannot be found, or "Banned"). But, to be honest, I have never had anything much to complain about.

So, guys, what is the best in the internet?

(You can use code, of course)


  Dorsai 20:28 13 Oct 2004

I dont have AOL, so no comment can be made.

Don't use BT BB, so ditto.

Gave up on IE, as slow, crashed lots, and got malware like a hedgehog gets fleas.

Have tiscali, no probs yet. no spam either, am i alone in this?

Personal opinion only. But it's mine, and i can have it.

But if you like what you have, then fare play. Enjoy the net.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 13 Oct 2004

AOL is a good browser for none IT literate people. (No offense intended towards anyone)

Earlier versins however, once installed on a system, were virtual impossible to disentagle from the operating system causing problems when trying to use oth ISPs / browsers.

  Trolley 20:36 13 Oct 2004

I have used AOL previously and hated it. Seemed slow, unresponsive and to have to require constant maintenance by their technical team causing the system to be unreliable and unavailable most of the time.

I do know of people who like AOL as an isp, but everyone has a right to use who they wish as a service provider. Personally I would never use them.

As Dorsai, I can't comment on the BT Broadband thing. However I haven't heard anything bad about it. Could this be a regional thing?

Microsofts Internet Explorer is another mess up. As Dorsai, slow, crashes frequently, and has more updates than a news broadcast. I prefer Netscape Navigator as it is a solid reliable browser, with a great deal more functionality than IE.

I have Tiscali dial-up and broadband connections (in different locations) and have never experienced any problems with the service or the customer support. Reasonable prices and good service.

Also Tiscali does not use any filters as far as I know.

Agreeing with Dorsai once again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Use what you feel comfortable with. Don't listen to what other people think and enjoy using what you are using.

  woodchip 20:37 13 Oct 2004

I think from My Experience, cannot speak for others. But it takes over you Hard Drive and Internet Experience. And “people do not like being controlled”.

  Djohn 20:43 13 Oct 2004

People tend to like and recommend an ISP that they are using and does not cause them a problem.

I use Zen, think they are excellent but in the past have used Freeserve for a short while and AOL for almost three years.

I had a lot of problems with setting up Freeserve to work as it should but the technical help were excellent, even phoned me back at their expense to my mobile number to try and sort out the problems. [I was on dial-up at the time].

AOL is different than other ISP's in the way it provides not only access to the internet but a massive amount of its own content solely for AOL users. I was very pleased with the dial up service and never had any problems regarding connection or going to any site I wished.

It ran like clockwork and did everything you asked of it. On changing to their broadband service I did have a few problems so decided to change.

I wouldn't think of changing from my current provider as they are the best I've found so far [Lower price from Nov. 1st. as well]. In saying this I would also recommend both Freeserve, now Wanadoo or AOL without hesitation if asked - both excellent company's to deal with from my experience. :o)

  Androcles 20:43 13 Oct 2004

Same as Dorsai,Tiscali, no probs,no rubbish.Hedgehog and fleas is right with IE. I use Firefox.
Other side of the coin, my mate AOL,swears by it.
Other mate BT freeserve,swears by it.Me? Tiscali.Regards.

  Djohn 20:50 13 Oct 2004

to my post above. AOL is very straightforward to remove from your PC just a little time consuming in doing so. I also use IE6 tried others but can't seem to find one that I'm completely happy with so I carry on using IE6, never had a problem with that either.

Dorsai. Me neither, not one single spam since being with my present provider for about 10 months now and they don't use spam filters, just a virus checker.

  PUNKA 20:54 13 Oct 2004

I am leaving AOL thursday, not because I do not like it but because Blueyonder who I used to be a customer with have offered me 1.5 Mb broadband for the same price as AOL 512k.plus other packages for SKY and Telephone too. It is not always down to preference but sometimes price as well.
We have much better deals than we used to have which IMHO can only be good for us consumers.

  NickyK 20:55 13 Oct 2004

Obviously, my bad experience of Tiscali was uniqyue to me. Therefore, i am more than happy to withdraw my comment that it was "rubbish" and trust my piers. At the moment, I have no problems with AOL. It is incredibly fast, relatively well-rpiced and rarely crashes. Oh Lord, guess I'll stick with what I know until I am much more experienced in this field.

Thank you, everyone, for the kindness of your posts.


  Meshuga 21:17 13 Oct 2004

I have been with Tiscali ever since they took over Lineone and apart from early teething troubles I have not had any trouble. Same goes for IE. On the other hand, I have a friend who would not touch AOL with the proverbial bargepole. You pays your money and takes your choice.Meshuga.

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