Why does CHKDSK run on every bootup?

  SB23 18:55 13 Sep 2011

I'm running XP SP3, and for the past few days the pc, at times, has been very unresponsive. The system freezes for no reason, everything seems to be in order via Windows Task Manager, and the cpu usage doesn't go above 20%. The thing that is a little concerning to me though, is that whenever it does freeze, and I manage to do a reboot, the system does a CHKDSK. I've checked to see if the boxes on the error checking tab are ticked, they're not, so does anyone know whats going on, or is this a warning that the HD is having problems?



  birdface 20:38 13 Sep 2011

Could be your graphics needing updated.Is the date and time and Display Ok.

When nothing running system idle process should be showing about 96% under the CPU if anything else using a lot of the CPU.What is it.

if an older computer check the air vents for dust and fluff if any inside will also need cleaning.

Maybe go to chkdsk and set it to run at start up tick both boxes before rebooting.

  T0SH 20:42 13 Sep 2011

Buy a new larger hard drive clone your existing drive to it before it fails totally

ChkDsk running on boot up usually indicates drive problems and since hard drives are cheaper than chips it is not worth taking any chances on losing data

Cheers HC

  SB23 09:55 14 Sep 2011

Its just done another check when turning it on, but I manually ran a file system errors and a bad sectors check and both came back ok, could it really be hinting that a hd failure is about to happen?


  Strawballs 10:55 14 Sep 2011

You say it becomes unresponsive, do you have to switch off via the start button if so that is the reason for the CHKDSK on reboot.

I would fist give it a good clean out for dust especially the fins of the heat sink and if that did not work then the new hard drive root.

  SB23 11:38 14 Sep 2011

Strawballs, I had to do a forced shutdown on Sunday, but now just turning on normally it goes straight to a CHKDSK scan, then boots normally.

  SB23 17:19 15 Sep 2011

Just an update

I thought today that I would try the Seagate set of tools for checking Hd's, as I had forgotten about them. My drive passes all tests apart from the "Smart" test. It suggests backing up etc, etc, but after a quick google some say that it may or may not be that serious. One person even says that his drive failed this test, and is still working fine now, years later. Mine is the old ATA type, are they even still around, I looked for Seagate but couldn't find any.

  onthelimit1 18:14 15 Sep 2011

Yes, still available


  onthelimit1 19:57 15 Sep 2011

It may be worth doing the full CHKDSK, which has 5 phases. Some advice here:

chkdsk Scroll to 'How to run chkdsk from My Computer, and use the third option in Para 4

  Sea Urchin 20:02 15 Sep 2011

Have you tried the kellys korner registry tweak to disable CHKDSK running at boot up? Save the REG File to your desktop. Then double-click it and answer yes to the import prompt.

Scroll down to No 82 and click on "disable"


  SB23 20:18 15 Sep 2011


But, I've already run the error checking tools and the chkdsk came back with a problem, but as I noticed there was an issue, the screen went back to the booting screen, and it has been running chkdsk on booting ever since, but now doesn't find anything.

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