Why do we need screen savers?

  yorkieval 19:57 07 Mar 2003

Can anyone please tell me what is the reason for having screensavers on your computer...Thanks Val

  leo49 19:59 07 Mar 2003

A hangover from the 'bad old days'.

Now they're totally unnecessary and a waste of space.Uninstall them.


  bremner 20:02 07 Mar 2003

In the old days if you left on a monitor with an unmoving image on the screen, that image could be literally burnt into the screen. Modern monitors no longer have this problem and therefore screen savers are now nothing more than decoration.

  yorkieval 20:05 07 Mar 2003

Thank you for your answers, trivial question I know but I just wondered....Many thanks again Val

  KrySTaL-KoDE 20:19 07 Mar 2003

Better than screensavers,

Set your power options to completely turn off the monitor after a set period of time rather than use screensavers. If you're a home user and prefer economy over decoration, you won't mind seeing a blank screen instead of a screensaver when your monitor is idle for a certain period.

  wee eddie 20:25 07 Mar 2003

If you read the Act, it is currently an offence to allow a third party to access personell files. It also makes sense to try to avoid others reading your desktop's current content.

A password protected screensaver is ideal for this.

  Forum Editor 22:18 07 Mar 2003

has hit upon the advantage of running a passworded screensaver - it can act as a useful privacy device for people who work in busy offices.

If you are beavering away on the latest staff bonus spreadsheet and have to nip to the newsagents for the latest edition of PCA you can activate the screensaver to prevent prying eyes from seeing your work. Nobody can stop the screensaver unless they know your password.

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