Why do my "previous postings" click here links

  pj123 19:02 04 Dec 2005

always take me back to the PC Advisor Home page and not the "previous post"?

I am trying to refer someone to a previous posting for info but everytime I try the link I get put back to the PCA home page and not the posting.

  SG Atlantis® 19:04 04 Dec 2005

posting is to old and has been deleted from the pca archives

  pj123 19:09 04 Dec 2005

SG Atlantis®, thanks mate. So that puts paid to the tag line on My Postings which still says,

"Savour every posting you've ever made in our forums, they're all here for you to peruse at your leisure."


  Hamish 19:13 04 Dec 2005

How far are you going back. I went back to 03/03.

  pj123 19:23 04 Dec 2005

Hamish, how do I tell? The click here link doesn't have a date on it but the posting was made in August 2005.

  Hamish 19:29 04 Dec 2005

Not really sure what you mean, In my postings the date of the posting is displayed also if I search for a subject the dates are also displayed.

Sorry if I am on the wrong track

  Newuser38 19:52 04 Dec 2005

I would have thought a link to an Aug 2005 posting should have worked unless it was closed by the Moderator. Closed ones bounce back to the home page I have noticed.

  pj123 11:58 05 Dec 2005

Sorry for the confusion Guys. I can link OK to the August 2005 posting but within that posting is a link to another previous posting. It is that link which leads back to the home page. So maybe that link is very old, but I wouldn't have thought so.

  Smiler 12:23 05 Dec 2005

post a link to the August 2005 post so we can try it pj123

  pj123 12:37 05 Dec 2005

Thanks Smiler. The link to the August posting is:

click here

Check my response 23/08/05 at 17:56 and that link is the culprit.

  SG Atlantis® 12:50 05 Dec 2005

pj123 that link is linking to a search you did on the archives. I can only guess that after the site was revamped that that is why it won't work. The search routine has changed, what you search for now doesn't show up in the URL anymore.

http:// www. pcadvisor. co.uk/index.cfm?forumID=1&go=discuss.searchprocessSimple&keyword1=vinyl+to+cd&x=8&y=6

That's your link above.

When you search the URL stays as click here. pcadvisor .co.uk/search/index.cfm

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