Why do I see HP_Administrator on start up

  DAKAR 16:23 12 Sep 2012

Hi All Just recently when my PC is booting up at the Welcome screen the screen is divided in half on the left it says Welcome and on the right it says HP_Administrator I have to click this before it carries on to the desk top,how can I bypass this please,I am on Windows XP sp3. Thanks for any help, Regards Dakar

  northumbria61 16:42 12 Sep 2012

You may find something here to help enter link description here

  northumbria61 16:48 12 Sep 2012

This may be better - deleting Unwanted User Account - ie; HP_Administrator

Go to System Properties through Control Panel - System - or right-click on My Computer and selecting Properties.

Once in System Properties select the Advanced tab then click the Settings button under User Profiles. You should see a list of all the profiles on your computer. Highlight the unwanted profile and click Delete.

You must be logged in with Administrator privileges but NOT under the profile you want to delete.

  DAKAR 17:33 12 Sep 2012

Hi northumbria61 I did not find anything helpful on first response link,your second I have been into properties and followed your guidance,I found two profiles one Administrator,and the other HP_ Administrator,I had the option of deleting Administrator which was highlighted but only option when I selected HP_ Administrator was change,and no option to delete, am I missing something? Thanks for your help Regards Dakar

  northumbria61 22:21 14 Sep 2012

Once you get to your desktop - go to Control Panel - User Accounts - you should be able to delete HP Administrator from there.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:39 15 Sep 2012

"....and on the right it says HP_Administrator I have to click this before it carries on to the desk top"

That sounds very much like your user account Dakar. If it is and you delete that user profile then you'll risk losing all your settings and documents. I've a feeling that's not what you want.

Please confirm that at the XP Welcome screen there's only one user shown. Also, do you have to enter a password for HP_Administrator before it continues to your Desktop?

  DAKAR 08:57 16 Sep 2012

Hi Secret Squirrel and good morning, I wish I could have got you response earlier,I think I am in deep trouble,I did delete HPAdministrator from profiles and now lost all my programes and settings including emails photos and access to the internet I am on the other halfs PC. I just got the welcome screen on one half of my monitor screen and the other half was HPAdministrator and I just had to click on HP to continue to desktop and no password was required.There is only one user I presume as there is only the welcome screen and HP nothing else. Is there anything I can do now???? Thanks for any help Regards Dakar

  Secret-Squirrel 09:54 16 Sep 2012

",I did delete HPAdministrator from profiles and now lost all my programes and settings including emails photos and access to the internet"

What a catastrophe Dakar - sorry to see that my warning came too late :(

I doubt that you'll ever get your XP settings and preferences back but you may be able to recover your personal files such as documents and photos etc.

To get the ball rolling you'll need to create a new user account. At the XP Welcome Screen do you currently see any users at all or is it blank? If it's the latter then on the keyboard, press the CTRL, ALT, and DELETE keys together twice in quick succession. The Welcome screen should now be replaced by a "Log on to Windows" dialogue box so type Administrator in the username section, leave the password blank and click the OK button. If however you can't get that "Log on to Windows" box then reboot into XP's Safe Mode and click on the (normally hidden) Administrator icon at the Welcome Screen.

Once you're in as Administrator, go to Control Panel -> User Accounts and create a new account. You can use your first name as the account name and make sure it's a "Computer Administrator" account. When you've done all that, log off and then log back in as that new user you just created and we can then look for your personal files.

  DAKAR 15:38 16 Sep 2012

HiSecret Squirrell Thanks for your response. I have created a new account and the PC is at the desk top now, I have done nothing else,and await instructions Thanks Dakar

  Secret-Squirrel 16:34 16 Sep 2012

OK, let's now see if we can locate your personal data:

Click the "Start" button, choose "My Computer", double-click the C: drive icon and then the "Documents & Settings" folder. Is there a folder there called "HP_Administrator"? If there is then go in and see if there's also a Documents folder. That folder and its subfolders should have all your music, photos, and documents etc. You can then copy them from where they are to the My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, etc locations on your new user profile.

Let us know how you get on and also if there's anything else you appear to have lost. If there's anything else that may be pertinent then make sure you mention it.

Good luck.

  DAKAR 17:32 16 Sep 2012

Thanks so much Secret Squirrell I will give that a go this evening,can I retreive my emails at all, or do I have to set up a new account? Will post as soon as I have carried out instructions Regards and many thanks Dakar

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