SANAP 12:43 07 Aug 2003

This has bugged me for a while but always thought it was my own fault. I go to lots of sites where u have ro register etc etc and then when u go back I always used the auto facility ie go back in without having to log on everytime. However yesterday for some reason all the sites I regularly visit asked me to log on again and enter password but why did this happen?

And can it be avoided?


  [DELETED] 12:50 07 Aug 2003

Log in info is usually stored in your Internet Cookies.

Did you clear the Cookie out of your PC?

  [DELETED] 12:54 07 Aug 2003

Jester Sums up my post

Cookies Yum... NO not those ones the ones on the PC

They store your info from sites on your PC

DID you run disk cleanup?
DID you eat all the cookies?

  SANAP 13:01 07 Aug 2003

Thanks for replies and yes I just checked and IT WAS ME! I use internet banking and have this routine to delete temp internet files and I just checked and the button for cookies is next to the one I normally click on.

Now I know.


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