Why do I have 2 Adobe Flash programs on my PC?

  FuchsiaEast 15:50 01 Jan 2016

Happy New Year, one and all! When I turned on my PC this morning, a notice to install an update to Adobe Flash Player 20 NPAPI was staring me in the face. I installed it, then went to my Add/Remove list to get the exact number of the update to add to a very long list of programs, repairs, hardware, techs, updates, etc. that I maintain for my own reference and in case a repair tech asks me a question to which I don't have the immediate answer at the tip of a very old and worn out brain cell.

For a long time I've wondered why I have both Adobe 10 Active X and Adobe Flash Player 20 NPAPI, but other demands on my time have kept me from asking. I don't recall the last time there was an update on 10, and it seems 20 has been having the most updates. The last update for 10 Active X is, and for 20 NPAPI is, which I installed today. Do I need them both, or can I uninstall one of them?

In case you need it, I still use XP, and my browser is Firefox. Thank you!--Fuchsia

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:26 01 Jan 2016

The ActiveX is for Internet Explorer and the plugin is for all other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.).

  FuchsiaEast 16:29 01 Jan 2016

Aha! Thank you, Fruit Bat!

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