Why do i get such a low score on 3DMARK03?

  Rickyv 16:16 09 May 2004

My dad has a amd 1700 with 512mb pc2700 ram, and a ata 133 hard drive along with an nvidia 5200 graphics card. On 3DMARK03 he got a score of 1764. On my pc i got 1115 and my pc is an amd 64 bit 3000, 256 pc3200 ram, sata 150 hard drive and the same graphics card so why do i get such a low score?

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 16:20 09 May 2004

Do you have a Mesh with the K8V mainboard?

  Rickyv 16:20 09 May 2004


  rickimalone 16:23 09 May 2004

If your Running Windows XP 256MB RAM is not enough it is only really happy with 512MB , add to that anything you have running in the back ground i.e Virus sofware etc and that where your drop in performance is not enough memory to share about so you get a bottle neck, upgarde and you will get any improvement, but are you sure your dad's is right?? that's very high for that set-up??? ....

  rickimalone 16:25 09 May 2004

If your running K8V make sure your RAM is in slot 1.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 16:28 09 May 2004

You may want to check the memory configuration. Mesh made a right cods up of it with this motherboard. Slot 1 is blue and should be used first. I do not know if you have 1 or 2 memory sticks, you could check with Mesh if any doubts after having a lookee inside. You may find slot 1 vacant.

  Rickyv 16:36 09 May 2004

i have the k8v se deulxe motherboard and yes i have 1 stick of 256mb pc3200 memory in the blue slot (1).

  Rickyv 16:45 09 May 2004

any other suggestion plz????

  rickimalone 16:50 09 May 2004

Are you running the same driver for the graphics card as your dad?

Are you 100% with the score for your dads card because the N'vida fx 5200 card averages 1000 in 3DMark03 so i'm baffled how he has got such a High score??? the ATI 9600 averages around 2000/2500 so he has manged a very high score there.....

  Rickyv 16:51 09 May 2004

nah im using the drivers that came with the computer because they were already installed. yeh im sure thats the score he got. i was very surprised too.

  rickimalone 16:53 09 May 2004

See here click here

This is the FX 5200 ultra card with a much more powerful machine than your dads, and it only just gets 1800 with overclocking.

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