Why do I bother!!!!! still not bludi working

  Loobie.x 20:43 05 Jul 2007

Hi guys,
Well the saga continues, replaced the mobo, reseated ram and cpu....nothing else...turned on to enter bios, guess what, no signal input....You I'm ready for chukin it outa the window.....I remember it doing this the first time I installed everything onto new mobo, but for life of me can't remember what I did to fix it....I musta been really bad in a previous life :(

One unhappy bunny..Loobie.x

  Totally-braindead 20:49 05 Jul 2007

Could you provide a link to your other thread as I never saw it.
First thing I would do is remove the motherboard and refit using spacers etc to ensure the board is not touching the case.

  Loobie.x 20:54 05 Jul 2007

click here

Hi, haveused spacers on the mobo, didn't remove any from last time....

  Totally-braindead 21:06 05 Jul 2007

Have you checked the spacers are in exactly the same place? Different motherboards are different sizes and the holes are in different places.
Its just a suggestion as to where to start.
Away to read your previous thread now.

  Loobie.x 21:08 05 Jul 2007

I don't know whether to say luckily they replaced it with the exact same model or not....but yeah the spacers are in the correct place...checked in the lil booklet you get...sigh...so miffed...Loobie.x

  Totally-braindead 21:10 05 Jul 2007

So are getting no signal to the monitor is this correct? And does everything else appear to fire up, fans etc?

  Loobie.x 21:21 05 Jul 2007

I connected the cpu,heatsink and ram...graphics lead to onboard vga...turned machine on nd mi monitor says " No signal input, Please check video signals" I know the leads and monitor are ok as I've connected em to another pc...they work fine....I just want mi bios to show so I can get on with it...Loobie.x

  Totally-braindead 21:23 05 Jul 2007

Well it has to be power as far as I am concerned, are there any beeps? If so what beeps.

  Loobie.x 21:24 05 Jul 2007

sniff.....no beeps, well as far as can tell cos unless the spkr on mobo an I dnt know it, there no wires to the pins marked spkr..Loobie.x

  keith-236785 21:33 05 Jul 2007

check the clear cmos jumper isnt in place, it needs to be off the pins for the pc to boot, a few years ago most new boards came with this jumper set to on, you must take it out or just put it onto 1 of the pins if you would rather leave it in the pc.

  Totally-braindead 21:33 05 Jul 2007

Can you confirm the fans are going?

Can you confirm you connected the 4 power power connector to the top of the motherboard as well as the main power connector?

Was this working before? The reason I ask this is you said in your other thread that they confirmed it was a duff motherboard and replaced it, so does that mean it was working?

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