Why didn't I just build my own?

  craig.knight58 16:42 22 Feb 2014

I have had my new system for about a week. The problem is that in a morning when I boot up I get a no signal message on the monitor and black screen for the first couple of times I try to boot up. This only happens for the first couple of resets then it magically boots up. After that it always resets fine throughout the day.As I say this only seems to happen on first boot when it has been shut down for any lengthy period. There are no beeps from mobo etc and the fans are all running. Is this likely to be a monitor issue or a GPU fault? I have made sure that the GPU and memory are fitted and tried DVI and HDMI cables with same result. My specs are;

Asus Z87 K mobo i5 4670k Zotac Gtx 760 2Gb 128 Gb SSD 1Tb hard drive 8gb crucial 1600mhz iiyama prolite X2380HS IPS monitor Windows 8.1 The computer does not start at all now. I have tried 4 different cables(2xhdmi,2xdvi) and a different monitor and still no signal. The system fans and discs are all running and seem ok. I bought this from Chillblast due to strong recommendations not to mention many PC Pro awards. Ordered and paid for it a month ago and it took 3 weeks to arrive despite 10-14 day advertised lead time. Returning parts and diagnosing issue will no doubt take another week. Should I insist on a return to base for this problem? They recommended entering BIOS and optimizing defaults yesterday via email but cannot even enter bios due to no signal error. I must admit that they have been prompt in returning emails. I was going to build my own but was impressed by the price and spec of this prebuilt system. I am starting to regret that decision.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:52 22 Feb 2014

Asking them to take the PC back and fix it seems to me to be the best option. I would suspect a possible motherboard fault.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 22 Feb 2014
  1. If it won't invalidate guarantee - remove / refit graphics card and retry

  2. if it will - then send it back Chillblast have a good after sales rep there should be no problem getting it fixed.

  3. doubt if you could have built same spec cheaper

  craig.knight58 17:11 22 Feb 2014

Thanks for the advice. I reckon I'll wait to hear what Chillblast has to offer on Monday morning. I just dont want to be waiting another 3 weeks for the new system and definitely don't want them to start bodging/fudging about if the problems are more fundamental (ie mfaulty mobo. Am also not willing to pay the return shipping as stated in Chillblast T&Cs. Wasn't too sure about the psu either when i bought it (FSP 600W premium grade???)and the IPS monitor has got a fairly serious backlight bleed in the left quadrant. Its frustrating because I was really impressed with the outstanding performance when it was running. Compared to my old XP system the HD performance was incredible.

  craig.knight58 17:21 22 Feb 2014

Interesting because the 760 and the 670 are pretty much the same GPU arent they? The problem was intermittent but now I just cannot boot up at all.

  bumpkin 19:39 22 Feb 2014

I would ask them to email me a prepaid return label as a lot of reputable companies will do.

  craig.knight58 19:14 26 Feb 2014

Chillblast returned the system to base next day. Cant fault their customer service. Thanks for the help.

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