Why did my PC change Boot drive?

  johndrew 18:03 05 Jul 2006

A strange (to me at least) thing happened today whilst I was using the PC for some relatively undemanding work. The screen froze and went black. To get it back I rebooted but whilst going through the usual BIOS checks received the message that my Boot drive had failed. I restarted and used F8 to get into the boot screen and selected my boot disk - the machine started as usual.

I can only think that some `aberation` caused both the shutdown (temperatures were all fine at the time) and the change in boot drive; question is what?

Does anyone have any ideas or experience in this?

I`m running:
XP Pro SP2
AMD 64+ 3500
2 GB ram
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
2 x GeForce 6600 GT graphics cards
I have two SATA drives running on SATA 3 (boot) and SATA 4 Could it be that by not using SATA 1 it causes an upset?

Thanks in anticipation.

  bruno 18:33 05 Jul 2006

I hope I am wrong here.My mate had a problem with his computer not booting up and asked me to look at it.I went into the bios and found that his hard drive had changed to "disabled".I enabled it and the computer worked for a few weeks and then the fault started happening at more frequent itervals until finally the hard drive packed in altogether.May not be anything to do with your problem,,but make sure you have everything backed up.

  johndrew 21:42 05 Jul 2006

Thanks bruno.

I will keep things backed up. HD Health says there are no problems with the drive and gives me 38% T.E.C. failure date of 21/9/2009 but it could be wrong.

It seems that everytime I boot now I have to go through the F8 and select the drive or it fails to boot.

How do I check the boot drive in the BIOS? I have never been there before and it scares me a bit.

  VoG II 21:45 05 Jul 2006

How to change (or check) the boot order click here

  johndrew 10:11 06 Jul 2006

Thanks for your link which I downloaded and read, I also read the motherboard manual on the subject - quite long.

When I looked at the BIOS details everything looked fine. The boot drive was on SATA 3 (Master) and the other drive on SATA 4 (Slave). Other items (DVD-RW, DVD-R, FDD, etc.) all tallied with the list as described in the manual.

In almost desperation and considering that the PC booted when I selected the drive; I opened the case and changed the data leads to the drives around (boot drive is now on SATA 2 (Slave) - the PC booted normally!!!!!!!!!

I am now really confused. Has anyone any idea of what is going on?

  johndrew 15:11 06 Jul 2006

Given that what I did earlier worked, I decided to try moving the data lead for the boot drive back to SATA 3 (Master) and leave the other drive disconnected and try a boot. It worked!!

I then reconnected the other drive to SATA 4 (Slave) and did a further boot that worked as well without resorting to the F8 boot screen.

I am unsure of what I`ve done or how I`ve done it but the problem appears fixed. Is there anything I should do now or shouldn`t have done before that anyone can see?

All constructive information/comments welcome.

  johndrew 11:49 08 Jul 2006


  thms 12:05 08 Jul 2006

As the only thing you have done is swap the leads.
Looks like probably a loose cable.

  johndrew 12:29 08 Jul 2006

Thanks. I hadn`t thought of that. Having had a TV card do the same thing it should have been obvious as a cause!!!

After all PCs are full of delicate, precision made components so why would anything work loose. Other than expansion, contraction, vibration........

I can only presume that something in the BIOS `automatically(?)` changed when it beame loose but changed back when I disconnected the second drive and tried. Is this possible?

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