Why Centrino? Over mobile celeron, Pentium-M etc.

  DavidConrad 16:44 01 Feb 2006

Hi there,

I was recommended to get a Centrino processor laptop. Not knowing a great deal about it I'd have to ask why this over the other mobile processors. Is there more mobile availability in Cafes and the like for Centrino? Is it faster? What's the big deal?

  SG Atlantis® 17:04 01 Feb 2006

Centrino isn't a processor, it's a set of different technologies that include the processor see click here

  Skills 18:31 01 Feb 2006

A centrino laptop uses a pentium M processor. The main advantages of a pentium M are they run alot cooler I have one in my laptop and the fan hardly ever kicks in hence the laptops are lighter. Better battery life and they can perform as well as a pentium 4 chip of a higher speed due to there larger cache.

Centrino laptops also have built in wireless as well.

Celerons are basically cut down pentium chips fine if you only be doing some surfing word processing etc.

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