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Why can't you see [past replies in TechForum?

  ianrwhittaker 20:17 15 Sep 2019

I posted a thread on here about about recovering data from a back up that seemed not top work. I then received a very helpful reply to which I say thanks. Now when I try and find the original reply, I can't! All I can see is my reply saying thanks and cannot see what was written. I am sure it is something simple but it is not particularly helpful when trying to search!

  wee eddie 21:17 15 Sep 2019

My guess is that the reply was from a Spammer

  Forum Editor 22:27 15 Sep 2019

It was from a spammer, and so it was deleted. I'll lock this thread now. Hopefully someone will respond in your original thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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