why can't the win 98 pc take the longer cable?

  [DELETED] 23:43 19 Jan 2006

Can anyone solve this one?

Why is it that the win98 pc will work with a shorter cable -3m - 5m, but not with 20m or 30m cables, using either the orignal network card or new netowrk card.

All cables work on XP pc.

Is there a setting somewhere deep with the win98 system that might be limiting the signal?


  [DELETED] 00:07 20 Jan 2006

Check the PSU in your Win98 machine.

  [DELETED] 08:36 20 Jan 2006

Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn;t thought of that. Presumably my problem would be caused by a failing PSU and not a PSU that is too low in output. Is that right?

Plus, could a failing PSU also cause constant rebooting at start up? This has recently started to happen and I've not thought of the PSU.

  [DELETED] 09:17 20 Jan 2006

The voltages in a network cable are minute but stable power has to come from somewhere - the rebooting is a very good sign the PSU is on it's way out. Before you
get a new one, take a look at some of the suggestions here click here

  [DELETED] 09:29 20 Jan 2006

Thanks again. The article identifies cable temrination and router as poss causes, but both of these are fine because the cable works on another machine via the router. Indicating that cable and router can take a 30m. I have got the 20m to work on the win98 (but is is grey and needs to be white!)
But I think some of the difficulty is that I may have an intermitten fault, possibly adding further evidence that my problem, as you suggested, is a failing PSU.

If this is so, I think I may be stuffed coz the win98 pc is a dell and I suspect they use propriatry (?) PSUs, am I right?


  [DELETED] 23:31 20 Jan 2006

Yes you're right, EBay is worth checking for a replacement PSU.

  [DELETED] 19:28 04 Feb 2006

The rebooting problem was caused by was goback playing up.

I bought a 20 m cable from maplins. It works with the win98. But I can't run grey cable around the house. It looks awful. Anyway, perhaps the psu is not the problem.

Well I gave up and handed the problem to my local computer shop. Their only suggestion is to sell me a usb adapter. But what little I've read of usb adapters suggests that they a very slow.I have a very fast broadband connection.

Anyone got any further thoughts about why a working 20 metre cable cannot work with a working win98 dell computer?


  [DELETED] 12:26 05 Feb 2006

Well if the 20m you bought from Maplins works with it, then it must have been a defective cable.

  [DELETED] 22:01 10 Feb 2006

well couldn;t solve the problem chnaging cable, plugs, NIC. The work around was networked via a usb adapter. Seems to work well.

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