Phil930 23:54 13 Jan 2003
  Phil930 23:54 13 Jan 2003

i am trying to split music files, taking 1min extracts from songs etc.

it works fine on all files but Windows Media Audio Files. i am yet to find any software that reconigises this formant of music to load it and play it, let alone split/seperate it.

can anyone help please!!

  Phil930 00:25 14 Jan 2003


  leo49 00:30 14 Jan 2003

If you're that desperate then why don't you do as I suggested in your original thread and convert the .wma to mp3??

  Pilch.... 00:30 14 Jan 2003

to convert it to say mp3? or another format?

  Pilch.... 00:31 14 Jan 2003

damn you win leo!

  Phil930 02:10 14 Jan 2003

ok, stupid question....

how do i convert the WMA to an mp3 file?? in windows i can convert the WMA to a different bit rate, thats all i can see.

what software does this for me??


  wawadave 03:03 14 Jan 2003

d/l a free program called CDex at click here
you can allso convert them to wave ,mp3,and ogg and maby a few others.

  leo49 09:28 14 Jan 2003

IF you had bothered to read your ORIGINAL thread on this subject

click here

you would know that dbpoweramp will do this.

Why ask questions if you're not going to read the answers??

  Phil930 23:30 14 Jan 2003

sorry leo, i didn't realise it was that time of the month for you......

theres no need to get so bitchy leo49, i was only asking, and yes i did bother to read the answers!! relax man, its not a life or death situation!!!

now, the software that i have downloaded from various sources provided 'HAS NOT' converted music files for me. they are failing to open and WMA file for me to edit.

i'm not computer illiterate, i built this one myself and know it inside out!! i just lack knowledge on music files. but if i say it won't open WMA then it won't open WMA, i'm not lying Leo49!!

i do appreciate the help people are offering me. thats what this site is all about, help and perseverence!!!!

  BBez 23:34 14 Jan 2003

do a search for "Advanced WMA Workshop". Works fine...

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