Why Can't I View Anything On Windows Media Player?

  s99Raj 19:30 07 May 2003

I have a rather strange scenario here. I can't seem to view any movie files in Windows Media Player version 9. They happen to be in .avi format, but I have the same problem with other formats.

But let me make things clearer. I have a laptop on which movies play fine. I have an external monitor connected to the laptop (just because it's a bigger 17" monitor) and I can see the same thing on both the laptop screen and the monitor, EXCEPT when I play a movie of any description in Media Player. I can view it perfectly on the laptop, yet on the desktop monitor all I get is a black rectangle where the picture should be.

Anyone any ideas please?

  Valvegrid 19:40 07 May 2003

Windows Media player is not the problem. The problem is the laptop has the incorrect driver for the external monitor but the correct driver for the laptop screen, thats why you can see movies on the laptop and not on the external monitor, hope this helps?


  s99Raj 19:48 07 May 2003

Any idea what driver I need, and where I can get one from?

The laptop is a Dell Latitude C510.

  Valvegrid 19:58 07 May 2003

Maybe from driver.com, but you have got a catch 22 situation there because you will either get the external screen working OK then find the laptop screen goes on the blink. You won't be able to run both drivers at the same time, pity but it don't work like that. I must admit I don't know a lot about laptops apart from loading O/S onto them, so I don't know their graphics card capabilities in driving an external device. No doubt now you've refreshed the post someone else will pick up on you thread, I'll watch with interest.

Good luck.


  Stuartli 21:04 07 May 2003

Have you enabled all the various files in WMP9 (Tools>Plugins>Options>File Types)?

  s99Raj 21:31 07 May 2003

Yes, Stuartli, I've enabled ALL the filetypes in the Options you mention.

It does seem strange that the driver can show everything on both the laptop and the external monitor at the same time BUT for Media Player Movies.

Not sure what else to try.....

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