why cant i still play fifa with new graphics card

  alim75 23:42 13 Jul 2003

wit new graphics card installed and drivers installed why will fifa 2003 still not play smoothly and in high quality, even with a new 64mb card????

is there a need to upgrade cpu????

only run 500mhz amd k6-2 at present.

  davidg_richmond 23:58 13 Jul 2003

I recently upgraded my PIII 600Mhz 256Mb RAM, 32Mb TNT2. I started with the card too - got a 64Mb GeForce 4 440, and games played a lot better. But it wasn't until I changed the motherboard, processor and memory (now Athlon 2000 with 256Mb DDR RAM) that most games got that extra bit of speed.

Is your AGP slot 4x? If so, is it set right to use this higher speed? You will need to have a look in the BIOS (look in the mb manual for guidance if needed).

How much RAM do you have? My guess is it will be 100Mhz speed too? Games like FIFA use large textures and high quality sound that needs to be loaded from hard disk into memory, a process that is greatly speeded up by quicker memory, quicker buses, quicker hard disk speeds (7200 rpm and ATA 100 or 133).

I'm sure you will have noticed a large difference from your old card anyway, but if you wish to get the best you could invest in a few new parts. I spent £160 on the processor, card, memory and new case, so it's not too expensive.

  davidg_richmond 00:03 14 Jul 2003

BTW - you could also change the 'AGP aperture' size in the BIOS to about what half of your RAM amount is. e.g. 256Mb, set it at 128Mb. This increases the amount of memory used for textures.

Another tweak is to experiment with the RAM timings (latency) in the BIOS, mine were set slightly slower than they could have been. To do this, lower the figure the slots are set to slowly and the lowest number while the system is still stable is the best setting.

As with any changes to the BIOS, make sure you write down what settings you had before so you can reset them if you have any problems.

  BeForU 01:03 14 Jul 2003

you havent told us what graphics card you are using! its definately the processor that is limiting the graphics card then!

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