Why can't I play any music

  Rhuddlan 00:29 11 Dec 2003

Since reinstalling Windows XP Home edition, when I go into WMP 9, and try to play any music, nothing happens, just says ready at the bottom of the screen and nothing plays, any suggestions?
Also when I went to License Management in the tools menu, and tried to back up my license, it told me that the original license could not be found, so I couldn't back up another, the other license's foler that is now gone in my music folder was empty, so I deleted it, has this affected WMP 9.

  hugh-265156 00:33 11 Dec 2003

is this cd`s or music stored on the hard drive as wma or mp3 etc?

  hugh-265156 00:37 11 Dec 2003


in windows media player click:

help/help topics/understanding digital media concepts/understanding licensed files

  hugh-265156 00:39 11 Dec 2003

sorry,should have also said from the above try:

To restore your licenses
On the Tools menu, click License Management.
If required, insert the floppy disk on which your licenses are stored.
Select the location of the backup copies of your licenses, and then click OK.
In the License Management dialog box, click Restore Now.
Follow the instructions on your screen

  Rhuddlan 00:51 11 Dec 2003

The cd's are stored as wma files and I didn't backup my licenses on floppy, in my music folder, but I have deleted this now as the license folder was empty and I didn't think I needed it any longer.

  Rhuddlan 00:55 11 Dec 2003

I have just been back onto WMP and some music is now playing, most of the old albums I have stored, most new albums are not working still, same thing still happens, just says ready at the bottom.

  hugh-265156 01:06 11 Dec 2003

to be honest the whole license thing fries my head :-)

had a quick google on this and from what i can tell if you have reinstalled windows and not backed up the licences for your audio then your stuck i think,its recognised as a new computer and will prompt you to reinstall the licences from your back up.maybe im wrong.

  Rhuddlan 01:08 11 Dec 2003

Thanks for all the help, I will try and see my uncle who's better at this sort of thing than me, thanks again and have a good christmas

  Rhuddlan 01:37 11 Dec 2003

I'm back, I've restored my license some how, don't ask, I have backed it up on floppy disk as well as keeping the original in my music folder, but the strange thing is that the folder is empty, but there are 4 hidden files, which I have never seen before, both in my music folder and on the floppy disk, still can't play the music in WMP9, any other suggestions anyone?

  hugh-265156 01:56 11 Dec 2003

im confused now,how did you restore the license if you did not back it up?

  Rhuddlan 02:02 11 Dec 2003

Sorry for the confusion, but I did back my license up, I was confused because the files were hidden, I have now copied them floppy disk, but the originals are still in my music folder, but I still can't play much music,
again sorry for the confusion, aren't computers well behaved.

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