Why can't I check my emails from a friends

  pj123 12:57 30 Dec 2005


If I log in to NTL on my friends computer and then click on "Your email" link type in my user name and password all I get is:

"Mailbox Server Login Failed
Your username or password has not been recognised. You may have accidentally made an error when entering it."

Try again very slowly, no error made but still get the same message.

If I try the same thing using my AOL account to read my AOL emails I can log in OK and check my emails no problem.

Is this just a problem with NTL?

  woodchip 13:05 30 Dec 2005

You have to create an account with your address etc

  pj123 13:13 30 Dec 2005

But I already have an account? I am on NTL Broadband at 2mb and pay £24.99 per month for the pleasure.

  Pamy 13:49 30 Dec 2005

pj123, just out of interest have you tried downloading your E-Mail to your computer using internet explorer?

If this works then I cannot see why you can't view them from another computer (see NTL help)


  wiz-king 14:04 30 Dec 2005

I have just tried loging to my NTL account from another computer (non-NTL) and that workes fine.
No guesses why you cant. Thats the whole idea of webmail!

  recap 14:21 30 Dec 2005

When you log in to NTL are you logged in on the computer as your self or on your friends account?

There may be security stopping you from logging in under another username on the computer?

  britto 14:24 30 Dec 2005

Works fine for me to but,like others I have more than one mailbox with ntl and it would not be the first time I have entered the right mail name but a password from one of other addresses and been denied access.

  Stuartli 14:38 30 Dec 2005

It's probably because you are attempting to collect your e-mail using a system on a different phone line. Therefore the attempted collection is blocked.

Does NTL have a webmail facility?

  pj123 14:47 30 Dec 2005

Well I am at my friends house now. He is on a BT line but with an AOL BB connection.

Can't get home yet cos we are snowed in.

Anyway if I go to click here and click on the Your email link and enter my user name and password I still get the error message. I assume that if I check my AOL account which is working OK it is because my friend is also on AOL. I also have an Hotmail account which is also working OK. It is just the NTL bit that isn't working.

  palinka 17:13 30 Dec 2005

Is this perhaps one of those annoyances that AOL causes? You should certainly be able to check your mail (as webmail)on someone else's pc at any address and with any phone line/broadband/etc.
But does AOL not allow it?
Maybe someone out there could check out if you can get onto another account via webmail when you're using AOL to connect.

  pj123 17:22 30 Dec 2005

AOL is working fine. It is NTL that is giving me the problem.

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