Why can't GMail provide Folders to store ones special eMails in

  wee eddie 15:19 14 Mar 2015

Every other email program that I use provides an ability to create Folders to store ones memorable eMails in.

Why cannot Gmail do this, or perhaps it can and I have been unable to discover the facility.

I know that you can separate arriving eMails into separate Boxes, on arrival, but that does not really cut the mustard for long term storage.

  Ian in Northampton 16:43 14 Mar 2015

I certainly have the equivalent of folders on my gmail accounts. gmail just doesn't call them folders - it calls them labels, but they work pretty much the same. When I'm in Inbox, I click on 'More' and below appear two options - 'manage labels' and 'create new label'. The latter allows you to create a folder/label, and that appears in your Inbox listing. Then, you just drag email from your Inbox to the label you want.

Or am I missing something?

  wee eddie 18:17 14 Mar 2015

Calling a spade, a spade, seems to be the problem.

I shall investigate the Label thing when I've finished work.

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