Why can no-one read my 'works' documents

  kizzie1 20:20 19 Oct 2005

Hi everyone - sorry Im sure this is very basic question but just not sure what to do about it.

I have microsoft xp installed on my new pc. This has 'works' word processor which I have found fine for producing basic documents.

However Ive just emailed a document to two different people and neither are able to read/open it.

They have word rather than 'works' so does that mean that I need to convert my document first in some way before I send it? And how do i do this?

Thanks for any help.


  VoG II 20:33 19 Oct 2005

Try File|SaveAs and save in Rich Text Format (.rtf).

  wee eddie 20:35 19 Oct 2005

M$ Works saves document files as xxxx.wps, which are unreadable by most other Word Processors.

However, when you decide to send a Works document to someone else, try this,

File > Save as > .rtf or .tft

.rtf is Rich Text Format and will display almost all your document as you prepared it.

.tft just displays the text of the document.

  kizzie1 20:39 19 Oct 2005

Thankyou so much for quick reply! Ive just tried to save as rtf file which works but this takes away all the formatting I did in 'works' (inserted text boxes etc). This isnt the end of the world but is there anyway of keeping the formatting.

Also, last question, if this isnt possible and I need word to be able to share documents with other effectively what is the cheapest way to get it (or do i need to buy full office pkg).

Its a bit confusing really because i specifically told the dell salesperson that I needed 'word' to write reports etc which i could then send to others but he said works was exactly the same and was easy to file share.

Oh well.



  wee eddie 21:32 19 Oct 2005

Look in Start > "All Programs" for Word.

Most versions of Works come with Word as an extra feature.

  kizzie1 21:55 19 Oct 2005

unfortunately word isnt there but thanks 4 advice anyway.

  VoG II 22:03 19 Oct 2005
  kizzie1 22:26 19 Oct 2005

thankyou! I just downloaded that and it said all done but now cant seem to find where it 'is' on my pc. Ive done a search on 'start menu'. Not sure what Ive done wrong there but thanks for help.

  Simsy 03:59 20 Oct 2005

another alternative is to convert them to . pdf files... if the recipients don't need to amend the files and return them?

EVERYONE can read those.

If this would be acceptable you will nedd to get a PDF creator. There are free ones.. A quick search on google should reveal some.



  kizzie1 09:23 20 Oct 2005


  Jackcoms 09:31 20 Oct 2005

"another alternative is to convert them to . pdf files... if the recipients don't need to amend the files and return them?

EVERYONE can read those."

I thank you rather overstate the case. To read .pdf files assumes you have Adobe Reader or another .pdf reader installed and I doubt very much if "EVERYONE" has it installed.

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