Why can i not connect to the internet when i move my router to another phone socket?

  graemep 20:58 11 Jan 2013

I have a Thomson ST585v6sl router connected in my flat. It works fine wirelessly, and connects to the internet no problem. When I unplug the router from it's current phone socket to another one in another room I lose the internet connection. My laptop / iPhone still picks up the WiFi signal but i get the router's error message on the screen, saying it cannot connect to the internet. I've tried this in 2 different phone sockets and get the same result. No telephones are connected anywhere in the flat. All the other sockets are empty. The only thing ever connected is the router, but it only allows internet access from 1 of the 4 phone sockets in the flat. The working socket has the BT logo on it, while the others don't. There is only one socket, so it's using an ADSL filter. I cant test the other sockets for phone signals as I don't have a phone. It's a fairly new build, circa 2007. Any ideas?

  Nontek 21:04 11 Jan 2013

Most likely the other sockets are not connected to the phone line.

Also, are you sure that the one socket that works is actually connected to the phone line - it could be that your wifi connection is working off a nearby neighbours' broadband!

  lotvic 21:07 11 Jan 2013

The phone socket with the BT logo will (prob) be your master socket. The others will be internal extensions. Did you use the ADSL filter in the ext and then plug the router into it? (that is what you should have done).

It is possible that the internal extensions are faulty and don't work. If you haven't been able to test them for a signal with a phone, then there is no way of knowing.

  graemep 21:24 11 Jan 2013

@Nontek The socket is definitely connected to the broadband, and I'm not working of a neighbour's broadband (when I switch off my router I lose the signal).

@lotvic While it's true the sockets couldbe faulty it's unlikely that all 3 would be in a flat barely 5 years old.

I appreciate your suggestions though :)

  compumac 21:38 11 Jan 2013

"Unlikely that all three sockets would be faulty". It does not necessarily follow if the wiring is duff.

  Border View 00:33 12 Jan 2013

Sorry if this is too simple, but to you have a filter on the other socket?

  lotvic 00:49 12 Jan 2013

Borrow a phone and test them. I can't imagine why you don't have a phone when you are paying line rental and BB fees to your ISP.

And, as has been mentioned twice before, don't forget the filter.

  graemep 01:33 12 Jan 2013

Yes, I'm using the filter. I'm literally taking the entire set up from one socket to another and losing the internet connection. :S

  The Old Mod 06:29 12 Jan 2013

It could be as my phone sockets are, that the master socket is of the modern type and has a filter built in and that is the only socket that can be used for broadband, the slaves will be connected to the phone line only. My master is not near my PC so I've had to run a cable to it. I expect this is the system that you have got.

Hope this helps.

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