Why is c: drive so BIG?

  Carafaraday 12:41 08 Oct 2004

I have just backed up my c: drive - all 12+ gb of it. I don't know why it's so big. I have looked at all the files (hidden ones too) and can only total around 6 or 7gb at the most. Where are the other gbs hiding?

HP Pavilion t580, Windows XP Home edition.
Programme files are 4.45gb, Windows 2.16gb, hp 848mb and the rest just small numbers.

Can this all be system restore? I have already reduced it from 12% to 6%?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:25 08 Oct 2004

You are probably right about it being system restore files - what is the total size of the hard disk?

  JonnyTub 13:27 08 Oct 2004

delete all but your most recent restore point.

  Wrinkles 13:31 08 Oct 2004

The chances are that a large portion of that is the swap file or paging file that windows uses as virtual memory. If you go to Control panel / System and click on the advanced tab then performance options you will see displayed the size of the "Virtual Memory" this may well tally with your missing HDD space.
Unless you know what you are doing do NOT change the VM size

  Carafaraday 13:37 08 Oct 2004

Two partitions, each of 120gb. I think it is system restore right enough. What is a reasonable size to have for this?

Wrinkles, thanks for that but I don't think I'm brave enough to go there and I certainly wont change anything!

  leo49 13:54 08 Oct 2004

Check also the amount of space reserved for the Recycle Bin.

Windows by default sets the Paging file at roughly one and a half times your ram.

For efficient imaging you really should move as much as possible off the C drive and before taking an image do a thorough cleanup of temp files and defrag the drive.

My C drive images at 50% compression are just over 2.25 gb.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:57 08 Oct 2004

6% s more than enough on a 120gb drive (7.2gb).

You can delete all restore points and create a new one.

And it might be good to partition the hdd if you can.

  Carafaraday 14:04 08 Oct 2004

Diodorus Siculus - the HDD is already partitioned - into three bits, c: with Windows etc, e: with back up of XP put there by manufacturer, and d: where I store pics, files etc.

I have flight sim 2004 on c drive and I know I should uninstall and put it to d but I just haven't got round to it yet. Being a programme I presume I can't just copy it over....... I suppose I could uninstall and reinstall to d: some of my other apps as well but am not sure how easy that is to do with stuff that I don't have a cd for ie came ready installed.

6% for restore points gives 7.2gb - how much does anyone think is a realistic size to have?

leo49, thanks for your comment on recycle bin - I empty that fairly regularly and temp files and cookies too - I'm quite tidy-minded!

  Carafaraday 15:39 08 Oct 2004

Just reread your post. What is the Paging file, please?

  Carafaraday 15:41 08 Oct 2004

Sorry - I see it's the same as the swap file.......and I don't want to go there, but what does it actually do?

  Carafaraday 15:43 08 Oct 2004

1534mb - is the size allocated to virtual memory - I've just peeked, touched nothing, and come away - is that a lot?

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