why are tiny computers in fat file system

  andrew-196854 08:51 17 Apr 2005

just wondered if anybody new the answer to this as i have been on 2 tiny computers and they are using this file system i thought nfts was better or am i wrong ???

  User-312386 08:52 17 Apr 2005

NTFS is a lot better. More secure

You did not advise what operating systems they were running though

  bremner 08:52 17 Apr 2005

Some manufacturers supply their machines as FAT32.

This is because it is very simple to convert FAT32 - NTFS but do do the reverse requires a reformatting of the drive.

They feel this gives the end user the opportunity of deciding for themselves what File system they prefer.

  andrew-196854 19:30 17 Apr 2005

they was both useing windows xp i just found it strange

  User-312386 22:58 17 Apr 2005

Very strange if you ask me

  wallbash 23:23 17 Apr 2005

Some of us still given the choice stick with FAT.

If things go wrong ( really wrong !) Fat is easier.
( maybe its what we are use to0

  mezzanine 15:17 12 May 2005

the reason the hard drives are formatted in FAT32 is because the relaoad cds do not work with NTFS. The hidden partition will be distroyed if you convert to NTFS. The last I heard, they were testing a new reload process which worked on NTFS partitions.

  SANTOS7 15:58 12 May 2005

click here
scroll down page there is some good info there,re#
Tiny and fat32.........

  andrew-196854 16:38 12 May 2005

santos , mezzannine. thanks for the replys all is clear now , ps good link santos

  Total Care Support 18:23 12 May 2005

Hi dibblydufuss,

mezzanine is partly right, but here are the facts.

The T-Clone reload process (Reload CDs v0.1 to 0.4) works in FAT32 and does not support NTFS, hence reloads to FAT32. However, although the company does not recommend converting to NTFS, converting the drive to NTFS does not affect the hidden partition so a reload is still possible after this. Versions of T-Clone prior to 0.4 were not able to delete the NTFS partition so were unable to reload the system unless the user removes the NTFS partition with a windows 98 boot disk or such first.

The T-Clone reload system has now been superseded by the T-REX reload system (v1.5 to 1.7), which does support NTFS. This means that all new tiny systems based on this reload process are shipped and reloaded in NTFS.

Best regards,

[email protected]

  Total Care Support 18:26 12 May 2005

Hi All

there where also other constraints placed upon us with regard to things like distribution licenses and OEM contracts and also that not all software when we started shipping (like some games) would work on a NTFS partition.

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