why are some virus infected files only renamed

  boo_hiss_boo 22:31 10 Sep 2004

Can anyone explain why some files found to be infected with viruses are only renamed and not deleted and others are simply deleted? I am running escan and although it is still running, so far I have had 5 deleted files, 9 renamed files and 4 errors.. (which adds up to 18 although escan has found 17...?)


  stalion 22:36 10 Sep 2004

because they may be needed by windows so are re-named to be safe rather than deleted.

  boo_hiss_boo 22:43 10 Sep 2004

Does this mean they are cleaned then? How does renaming them clear the virus (sorry for being a bit of a thicky)


  VoG II 22:46 10 Sep 2004

I think that a more pertinent question is "Where do you keep getting these virsuses from"?


  stalion 22:46 10 Sep 2004

renaming stops the virus or trojan threat and makes the file either dead or usable by windows.
do not worry about the renaming it is ok

  boo_hiss_boo 22:57 10 Sep 2004

Thanks Stalion thats great


Cleaning my sisters pc! its probably worth mentioning that she had not anti virus, no anti spyware, no firewall and had never done a scan on line for viruses.... not surprising there are so many :o))

I have brought the machine here as she was struggling to get any of the anti anything downloaded on her dial up connection and I am on broadband and knew (from here) of most of the great links for adding to her pc.

We are up to 89 viruses detected in escan and 2 from panda scan..... not including the 1 cleaned earlier from panda and the 2 from a-squared!


  rmriph 10:46 11 Sep 2004

I ran escan which deleted 5 files but when i ran AOL scan they where still there, i tested this a couple of times with the same results but when i deleted them via the AOL scan i got rid of them ??

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