Why are redirects happening.

  kad292 16:25 30 Nov 2014

Why am i being constantly redirected to Pinterest or PC Advisors group when i log on.It is incredibly frustrating and unnecessary.

  rdave13 16:37 30 Nov 2014

Wrong forum really, but you seem to have a PUP. Check programs and features first, for a strange program that has been installed, then uninstall it. If you have malwarebytes antimalware installed then update it and run a full scan. Delete all it finds.

If ok after running scan then that's it. If not then consider adwcleaner but use as a last resort.

  bumpkin 17:29 30 Nov 2014

I had this a while back, it is nothing to do with this site. Do as rdave suggests, in my case adw sorted it in the end.

  kad292 20:55 30 Nov 2014

Done that guys,appears to be ok give it a little time.FE redirect to appropriate section thanks.

  Forum Editor 00:30 01 Dec 2014

Transferred to Tech Helproom from Speakers Corner.

  SparkyJack 09:40 01 Dec 2014

Interesting the redirect activity is not PCA

I get it frequently when, as now, using the android tablet.

Any recommendations for Android?

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